Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Mil Familias

What is Mil Familias?

Mil Familias is an innovative ten-year initiative to improve the lives of Latino families affected by diabetes through research, education, and care. This initiative is led by the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and supported by a diverse consortium of allies from around the nation.

How does Mil Familias plan to achieve the vision of improving the lives of Latino families affected by diabetes?

The strategy is to engage with 1,000 Latino families from the Central Coast to collect data to understand why diabetes is so common and how biology, behavior, and environment play a role in diabetes development. Then, as a collective group with allies and advisors, Mil Familias aims to establish education, prevention, and treatment interventions to reverse the upward trend of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. This journey is supported by Especialistas, data, interventions, and allies along the way.

What is an intervention?

An “intervention” is a broad term to describe a prevention, treatment, strategy, or therapy to help with diabetes. Interventions can range from an education class, to a change in state policy, to a medication.

How will Mil Familias measure its success?

To gauge the success of this project, Mil Familias is tracking how many Latino people in the Central Coast are going to the hospital for diabetes-related problems. Over time, the goal is for this number to decrease. In other words, Mil Familias will be successful if there are fewer people with uncontrolled diabetes, less diabetes during pregnancy, and fewer deaths relating to heart disease (which is closely connected with diabetes).