About Mil Familias

What is Mil Familias?

Mil Familias is an innovative ten-year initiative to improve the lives of Latino families affected by diabetes through research, education, and care. This initiative is led by the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and supported by a diverse consortium of allies from around the nation.

How does it work?

The Mil Familias strategy is to understand why diabetes is so common among Latino families, and then establish education, prevention, and treatment interventions to reverse the upward trend of this disease. We are engaging 1,000 Latino families from the Central Coast of California in this journey, supported by especialistas, data, interventions, and allies along the way.

Our Values

Our core values are driven by a desire to serve our community alongside our partners, including family participants, with respect, integrity, and commitment to excellence.

Learn Before Doing: Interventions will be evidence-based. It is our goal to avoid a
“one-size-fits-all” approach. Rather, we’ll learn from the robust Mil Familias database as well as personal interactions with families and advisors when developing interventions.

Latino Advisors for a Latino Initiative: Those closest to the problem must be involved in solving it. Latino advisors and staff consult and oversee Mil Familias. Especialistas and the families themselves are also involved in helping us directly.

Privacy is Priority: Confidentiality and privacy of participants is of utmost importance. Our staff and partners are thoroughly trained in data and protected health information (PHI) security and are committed to keeping participant information safe and secure.

Feel Free to Question: Mil Familias Especialistas take special care to ensure that families have every question answered and concern addressed before and after they become part of Mil Familias. We are committed to transparency about our goals and methods and want families to feel comfortable with them, too.